During the 2012 Paris Motor Show, Audi showcased their new hybrid technology in the Audi  Crosslane Coupe Hybrid concept car.  It also uses a new system called Multimaterial Space Frame which makes it unique when it comes to weight, cost and energy use through its lifespan.  The three materials used are aluminum, carbon fiber reinforced polymer and glass fiber reinforced polymer.  With the battery included, the Crosslane Hybrid concept is about 3K lbs.

With a brand new mix of technology, engineering and design, Audi has given the industry a glimpse into the future of their cars.  They hybrid system combines a combustion engine with two electric motors and a single-stage transmission.  Together, they provide 177 horsepower and get the car to 62 MPG in 8.6 seconds, adding another second for pure electric mode.

This new system has plenty of helpful features like different operating modes for certain speeds and settings like ‘cruise’ and ‘race’, to control power supply and performance.

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30 Sep 2012

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