Since the Volkswagen Groups’ acquisition of Porsche, the sport car brand was put in charge of sporty luxury platforms and development.  Since Audi is under this umbrella, it was at first thought that Porsche would also be in charge of Audi’s luxury roadsters, though we have recently come to find out this will not be true for the next-generation Audi R8.

Porsche is developing the Modular Sport Platform, which is a new style of platform and much more versatile than previous ones.  It would allow many different types of cars to be outfitted on top of it, but with unique variations customized to each car.  Audi will continue developing their state-of-the-art enhanced aluminum spaceframe for the next Audi R8.

During the 2012 Paris Auto Show last month, Audi showcased the Crosslane concept built on a ‘multi-material’ spaceframe.  This is the direction Audi is headed in with their R8, and the result should be exquisitely unique and better than any other option.

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31 Oct 2012

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