The new Porsche Cayman in Tacoma currently features 272 horsepower with its 2.7-liter six-cylinder engine, while the Porsche Cayman S has an upgraded 325 horsepower.  Porsche is now looking into the 2014 model Cayman powered by the 911 turbo engine, a possible four-cylinder engine, and even a diesel version.  Diesel is growing increasingly popular in the U.S., and now automakers are bringing their diesel powertrains onto the scene.

Currently, the new Porsche Cayenne features a diesel powertrain; a 3.0-liter turbodiesel with 406 lb ft of torque.  If Porsche were to put that engine in the sporty Cayman, the roadster would have a whole new level of power.


Another possibility for the new Cayman is a twin-turbo six-cylinder with a rear engine.  The possible four-cylinder Cayman would not only help bring down the price, but it would also raise fuel-efficiency for the Cayman.  Now that engine technology has become so advanced, two cylinders does not sacrifice as much power as it once did.

For more information about the Cayman, or to take a look at any Porsche vehicle, contact Larson Porsche of Tacoma.

6 Feb 2013

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