If you are looking for a place to take your Porsche vehicle for Porsche service and repair near Seattle, there is no better place than Larson Porsche. With so many years of experience in Porsche vehicle maintenance, you cannot go wrong with Larson Porsche. We pride ourselves in giving quick, detailed and accurate services. It does not matter the condition that your Porsche vehicle is in; when you bring it to Larson Porsche, it will be sorted out efficiently. Our ASE Certified, factory trained technicians will take their time as the work on your Porsche vehicle, examining every part and section to reveal every problem area in your vehicle. Then, with your consent, they will proceed to iron out all those problems, leaving your vehicle as good as new.
Porsche Service and Repair near Seattle
When you come to us for Porsche service and repair near Seattle, you will also benefit from the great experience and knowledge that our technicians have; this is because aside from fixing your vehicle, they will advise you on what to do and what not to do when using your Porsche depending on the problems that have been coming up in your vehicle. This will help you keep your Porsche in the best condition possible at all times.

One of the services you will get when you bring your Porsche vehicle to Larson Porsche for Porsche service and repair near Seattle is expert wheel alignment services. This is a service that we have perfected because we appreciate its importance. When your wheels are not aligned correctly, the vehicle will always tend to pull towards one side, leaving you with the task of constantly steering the vehicle back to the right course as you drive. This means that the moment you forget to do that, you could find yourself involved in a serious accident with oncoming traffic.

Our wheel alignment services include a thorough inspection of your vehicle’s suspension and steering systems, including tire condition and tire air pressure. The vehicle will also be placed on an alignment rack where mounted laser sensors measure the current alignment settings. The wheels will then be adjusted using the appropriate equipment to the precise manufacturer specifications of your vehicle. This is just one of the many services you will get at Larson Porsche. We welcome you to visit us in Fife, WA or give us a call at 253-671-6555.

14 Feb 2014

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