Larson provides full Porsche Maintenance Services in Tacoma to keep you riding smoothly along. Our maintenance package gives you full service once a year, and will make a marked difference in your Porsche’s performance. There’s no one better than Larson for keeping up with automotive health!

Preventative maintenance on a car regularly and before every long trip can stop you from having problems when you least expect them. Larson’s attentive, thorough maintenance service will set you on track to fully enjoying your new or used Porsche.

car mechanic with sparking plug

Power Steering Fluid replacement is one of our many Porsche Maintenance Services in Tacoma. Choosing the right brake steering fluid for your Porsche is vital, and we can do it as part of our service! When your car begins to run dry on power steering fluid, it can lead to less responsive maneuvering and excessive noise. Larson will top off your fluid to keep your drive easy.

We’ll check the battery and clean the connectors to make sure that everything’s hooked up right. We’ll also check it for cracks or leaks. You don’t want to be stuck by the side of the road with a defective battery, and if you come to Larson Auto Group for maintenance, you’ll never have to.

Replacing your air filters in your cabin and your engine is another important maintenance service. Engine filters get even dirtier in the city, and can hurt your car’s performance if it gets to clogged up. A cabin air filter replacement help will keep your interior fresh, and is another one of the Porsche Maintenance Services in Tacoma that we provide.

Rotating your tires and checking your alignment allows for a smoother ride, and will give your tires a longer life. When tires are uneven, they wear out unevenly, as well–this can mean more frequent replacements, and, as any car owner knows, tires can be expensive. Count on Larson for all your Porsche Maintenance Services in Tacoma, so you can know that your car is up to date on its performance.

Schedule an appointment for maintenance by calling our office or going to our website. Maintenance is easy, fast, and most of all will improve your car’s longevity and your enjoyment of it.

17 Oct 2014

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